Testing: Mon, June 24th : Beginners 10:30am, Intermediate/Advanced 11:00am

               Classes: Week of June 24        Tues/Wed/Thur    June 25, 26 and 27
               Classes: Week of July 1           Mon/Tues              July   1 and 2
               Classes: Week of July 8           Mon/Tues/Wed     July   8, 9 and 10

                Beginners and Intermediate 1:         10:15-10:45 am

                Intermediate 2 and Advanced:         10:50-11:30 am

                Fee: $50 per child; to be paid at the first (Testing) lesson

To Sign ľup Children

Email cscpool@aol.com      Subject: Swim Lessons
Please include:

Member Name (Parent)       Phone#         email

Childs Name                        Age               Swim Level       Last Year Level

Beginner: Any child not in diapers and potty trained. It is recommended that children be able to stand in the shallow end of pool.
Intermediate: Should be able to float, glide, and kick on both front (with face in water) and     back. It is preferable that they know the basics of freestyle and backstroke.

Advanced: Should be able to swim a coordinated freestyle (with head down) and backstroke; to breathe to the side when swimming freestyle. Swimmers should be able to swim the length of the pool.

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